1.4 Log in and Profile page

All your members, after signing up, are redirect to the login page and then, access to his profile page. However, at this stage they can not sign in again. This step will show you how you can display the WGS login system and let them access to their profile page.

Log In

The log In configuration can be reduced to include a widget. WGS Log In/Profile is the name of the widget you can place where you want ( in sidebars or inside post content ).

display in sidebar

So, in your WordPress admin, click in the main menu on “Appearence > Widgets”. Then, find the widget WGS Log In/Profile.

Now, drag and drop it in a widget area to display it on your site.

The widget has got a basic design

Display inside a page


This method allows you to customize an entire log in page.

To show the login form in a page, you need to use the shortcode : wgs-login. In a page content, where you want to place the login form, write



Profile page

By Default

According to the profile page, basically, WGS did already everything for you. After being logged in, the user will be automatically oriented to the profile page. The logged in user can access thanks the wgs login widget as well whenever he wants.

Customize it

WGS, from the first online version 0.1.x, allows you to customize the profile page for your subscribers and members. You can write your own content and include profile items thanks shortocodes. Let´s see how to do this…


First of all, you have to create a new page.

In the content page, you can edit what you want and insert useful profile elements that wgs provides you for your wgs users. This is the list of elements :

Profile content[[wgs-profile][/wgs-profile]]To display all profile elements at a glance.
Profile account form
[[wgs-profile-account][/wgs-profile-account]]To display subscriber/member information as a formular and let the user edit it.
Profile subscription[[wgs-profile-subscription][/wgs-profile-subscription]]To show information about the subscription like payments, plan name… It´s visible only for subscribers.

So, you can edit the content page and insert an element thanks a shortcode.

This is an example with tabs using the plugin Tabby Responsive Tabs :

[tabby title="Account"]

Your text to introduce account information.

[[wgs-profile-account title="false"][/wgs-profile-account]]

[tabby title="Subscription"]

Your text to introduce subscription information.

[[wgs-profile-subscription title="false"][/wgs-profile-subscription]]


Now, the last step is to inform the wgs system to point to your customized profile page. So, go to Settings > WP Group Subs. and click on the tab Profile page. Then, choose in the combobox the profile page you edited and save changes.

Results for users


Everything is ready. Now, there is a last basic question…

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