1.2 Configure WGS

After to install the plugin, WGS helps you to go directly to set up WP Group Subscription by display of notices.

You have several possibilities to go to the settings page :

  • Click on a link inside a warning notice


  • Go to the page by the menu : Settings > WP Group Subs.

Mandatories options to init a WGS project

WGS contains several parameters to manage the plugin. Among these options, a couple of theme are required to run the plugin inside your wordpress.

List of options required :

  • Currency : used for plan prices
  • Paypal email address : Your email used for your Paypal account
  • Paypal identity token : useful for Paypal transaction


To select the currency for your plans, in the WP Group Subs settings page, please click on the Currency tab. Then, select in the first combobox, the right currency.
WGS do the rest like show the right symbol of the currency. 


To configure the ability of Paypal payments, it´s not really trivial.
WGS is coded to simplify all the steps.

  1. Insert your email address that you´re normally used for your paypal account.
  2. Configure in your Paypal account thanks by the instruction located on the side below the title Paypal Configuration. 
  3. Find your Paypal PDT identity token following the same instruction.

Now, WGS is configured to display all the content after the plan edition.

More options


WGS offers you others useful ( but not mandatories ) options in the settings page.

Option nameSettings categoryDescriptionChoice
Currency positionCurrencyTo display the currency symbol before or after the amount.
1. Before
2. After
Renew payment Paypal optionPaypalTo let the subscriber renew Paypal payments inside his profile page.
Paypal environmentPaypalTo use a test or a production environement. Test environment use Paypal sandbox. In the sandbox case, you need to use a Paypal email and a PDT identity token of your developer Paypal account.
1. Test (sandbox)
2. Production mode
Paypal API UsernamePaypalOne of the parameter useful to enable the capacity to get all Paypal payments from your account and downloaded in your WordPress.string value
Paypal API PasswordPaypalIdem.
Paypal API SignaturePaypalIdem.string value
PageProfile Page
To make your custom profile page.
List of pages
License key
PremiumTo get more features with WGS addons.
string value


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