Free Features

Flexible Plan Edition

  • Single/Group Subscription
  • Free/Paid Membership
  • Choice of Currency
  • Unlimited/Limited Duration or Expiration Date

Restricted Content for Members

  • Inside Pages
  • Inside Posts
  • Inside Sidebars

Ergonomic Administrator Interface

  • Tested with Clients
  • Complete Feedback by Notices
  • Multiple Links to Settings Direct Access

Subscriber Account Management

  • Enable/Disable subscriber accounts
  • Create subscriber account as admin
  • Track all Paypal Payments
  • Automatic/Manual Paypal Payment assignment


Plan Edition Plus

  • Plan Subscription for more than 3 Members
  • Plan Subscription with Unlimited Members
  • Promotional Tag
  • Display of Original price (discount case)
  • Detailed list to show plan content
  • Colors customizer


  • Recaptcha Security for Forms

Plan Form Customization

  • Custom Form Assignement
  • Inputs Edition
  • Layout Form Creation